The Minimalist Newborn (The Essentials You DON’T Need)

THE MINIMALIST NEWBORN (THE ESSENTIALS YOU DON’T NEED) The Parenting Junkie has embraced the minimalist newborn. What are minimalist newborn essentials, you may ask. Let’s consider the minimalist newborn wardrobe and minimalist newborn must haves. Does a minimalist newborn diaper bag necessary? What does a minimalist newborn clothes selection look like? This video is all […]

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LoveParenting: How to deal with a clingy toddler or child? 5 Ways! My kid is so dependent and needy!

Clingy kids? Touched out? Why is my toddler so clingy and whiny? ↓ ↓ ↓ Get the FULL BLOG post here: FREE “Peaceful Tantrums” Class → It’s the Parenting Junkie’s Guide to Managing the Worst Tantrums without punishing, yelling, bribing or counting to 3. → Get Started on your parenting junkie journey with your FREE […]

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LoveParenting: 10 Yogi Principles for Parenting – What Yoga has taught me about parenting

Get your FREE printable of 110 Mantras to Parent By: Give me a “YOGA!” in the comments if you liked this post and if you’d like to see more ZEN ideas here on The Parenting Junkie. Go straight to the full-blog post: Like this? Then you’ll also love: How to Wash Dishes (Mindfulness): […]

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