Babies minor conditions like diaper rash

Babies can have a ton of little issues, and we worry ourselves silly over them, though most are no real threat to baby’s health.

Here are a list of the most common little ailments, how to treat them at home, and when to call the doctor.

· Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is caused by baby’s bottom being constantly exposed to wetness.

For most babies, changing their diaper a little more often and applying an over the counter cream are enough to solve the problem.

If all your measures don’t work, or if the rash looks different than a typical diaper rash, call the doctor.

The main cause of diaper dermatitis is simply contact of urine on the skin.

Between diaper changes, urine begins to break down into ammonia and other chemical by-products.

Fecal matter in the diaper area, between diaper changes, can cause the rapid proliferation of bacteria and or fungus which can infect the already irritated diaper area.

Obviously, the breakdown of urine, its continual contact with the skin, and resulting skin irritation, begins the all too common diaper rash syndrome.

It was thought that Luvs, Pampers and other disposable diapers would be a better answer than the common cloth diaper.

The new diapers were better.

The most important treatment in healing diaper rash is PREVENTION!

Prevent urine from coming into contact with the baby’s tender skin by putting a barrier on the skin that prevents urine and fecal matter from contact with tender bottoms by barrier action.

Creams like Grandma El’s, or Aquapher as it’s smoothed on baby’s diaper area to create a barrier that allows the skin to breathe, while keeping moisture and other irritants from penetrating to the skin.

This preventative action of those creams is accompanied by a healing, soothing action to stop the beginning of irritation that produces the diaper rash.

It is important that the skin is always able to breathe to induce the healing process.

Many diaper rash products are heavy creams, pastes or lotions.

While some will create a barrier to keep moisture away from the skin, these products DO NOT have the capability of allowing the skin to breathe.

Thereby, the existing moisture can not be released and the healing process is hindered dramatically.

It is recommended that you use a semi-occlusive ointment such as Aquaphor or Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy & Prevention.

Young hipster father changing nappy / diaper rash to his little baby daughter


These are some frequently asked questions about diaper rash:

What is diaper rash?
1. It is an irritation of the skin in the peri-anal area that is most often caused by ammonia forming due to urine breakdown.

What causes diaper rash?
1. It is caused by prolonged contact of a urine soaked diaper on a baby’s skin.

The skin turns red and tissue breaks down, creating a rash.

This worsens as the skin remains in contact with urine and feces.

2. Chafing or rubbing of diaper or pull ups on the area
3. Possible allergic reaction to diaper
4. Bacterial or fungal infection in rash area
5. Allergic reaction to food can cause urine to be irritating

Who can get diaper rash?
1. It is common on babies between the ages of 2-24 months
2. It also can occur on babies whose diapers are not changed frequently
3. It may also occur on babies who are taking antibiotics or are nursing while mother might be taking antibiotics
4. It can also occur on babies as they begin to eat solid foods (allergic reaction)

What are the symptoms of diaper rash?
1. Red, irritated, and possibly warm skin in and around the stomach, genitals, and inside the skin folds of the thighs and bottom
2. Pain, burning and itching, and an unhappy baby!

Is diaper rash contagious?
1. Diaper rash is almost never a contagious skin condition

What do I do if my child has diaper rash?
1. Apply Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention at every diaper change, after cleansing the area well, and blotting dry

How can I prevent diaper rash?
1. Apply any Diaper Rash cream with every diaper change
2. Change your baby’s diaper often, and keep the area dry and clean
3. Use a gentle cleanser formulated especially for babies’ skin
4. After washing your baby, gently pat dry the area, do not rub the area
5. Make sure the diapers used fit properly, so they do not rub against the skin

How long does diaper rash usually last?
1. In general without treatment, a diaper rash will last several days if not infected. If left untreated, a severe case can last up to 10-14 days or more

What types of products are not acceptable in treating diaper rash?
1. Ointments, with the exception of Grandma El’s are occlusive, preventing skin respiration. Only a semi-occlusive ointment, works properly.
2. Creams are usually somewhat drying, have no protective activity, and allow all types of external stimuli (urine, feces, and allergens) to contact the skin causing further problems. Therefore, creams are not a good choice for a baby’s rash treatment.
3. Lotions are not protective at all, and therefore have little value in treating or preventing diaper rash.
4. Some soaps and detergents can cause allergic sensitivity to further the breakdown of baby’s delicate bottom.

Should I call my pediatrician?
1. If after several days, the rash is still visible, consult your pediatrician
2. If the rash has blisters or bumps, is oozing pus or bleeding, consult your pediatrician
3. If your baby has a rash and fever, consult your physician
4. If your baby has a rash and has urine that smells stronger than usual, or many loose stools, consult your pediatrician
5. If after properly treating your baby’s diaper rash, it still persists, consult your pediatrician

What other types of diaper rash occur if proper treatment is not begun?
Rash can further break down allowing either bacteria, or fungus to take hold and infect the skin.

Common organisms causing the infection are E. Coli (bacteria) and other fungal infections such as Candida Albicans

How can I treat diaper rash infected with bacteria or fungi?

Consult your physician immediately and he or she will prescribe a suitable anti-bacterial or anti-fungal product to eradicate the infection

What other types of diaper dermatitis exist?
Contact irritants such as urine, fecal matter, poison ivy, oak or sumac, insect bites, soap allergy, rough rather than soft clothing causing skin abrasions, infrequent diaper changes, and poor skin cleansing techniques

Is diaper rash a common problem?
Yes, diaper rash is a common problem.

To help prevent diaper rash, change diapers frequently, keep the area dry, and use no cloth diapers.

Definitely use some Rash Remedy and Prevention cream and ask your pediatrician or nurse for advise and access to medication and support.

  • Cradle Cap –

Cradle cap is an oily, yellow scaling or crusting on a baby’s scalp.

It is common in babies and is easily treated. Cradle cap is not a part of any illness and does not imply that a baby is not being well cared for.

What causes cradle cap?

Cradle cap is the normal buildup of sticky skin oils, scales, and sloughed skin cells.

How is it treated?

Cradle cap is not harmful to your baby and it usually goes away by a baby’s first birthday.

Cradle cap is the presence of scales on the baby’s scalp, and usually occurs in very young infants.

It is actually a form of dermatitis, and usually is not bothersome to the child.

For most babies, a massage using petroleum jelly followed by a shampoo will take care of the problem.

Try this at every bath until the problem stops recurring.

Cradle cap is worsened by sweating, so keep your baby’s head cool, avoiding the use of hats.

If these measures don’t work, your doctor can prescribe an ointment or shampoo.

Babies typically outgrow cradle cap within the first six months of life.

· Mystery Fever –

Nearly all babies have this at one time or another.

A low grade fever, with no other accompanying symptoms.

If your baby is under two months of age, you should seek medical attention with any fever.

Otherwise, as long as the fever doesn’t go above 102°F, you need not treat it unless it is making your baby uncomfortable or unable to sleep.

Fever is the body’s way of fighting infection, so don’t rush to treat a fever, if your baby is otherwise healthy.

Keep her cool, give her plenty of fluids, watch and wait.

Talk to your doctor or consult your pediatrician about his guidelines regarding when to call him concerning a fever.

Regardless, any fever which reaches 105° rectally, or a fever accompanied by signs of dehydration (infrequent urination, sunken fontanel, dry lips), or a feverish baby who has a stiff neck, is limp or has purple spots on the skin, is an emergency and should be treated immediately.

These are three of the most common minor baby ailments.

Though it’s comforting to know how to treat these at home, never hesitate to call your doctor if you think it’s necessary.

A Mother’s intuition is a powerful thing.

If you think something’s amiss, it probably is, so check it out, even if it’s only to satisfy your own mind.


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pajama drama at bedtime

Babies And Bedtime Obsessiveness

If the baby is very small, is a new born baby then it is accepted that he will get up many times at night. But in case of older babies, it is not an acceptable bedtime practice.

It is very frustrating for the mother if the baby goes to sleep after a great deal of effort and then keeps waking up frequently.

It is a big achievement for the mother if the baby sleeps uninterrupted throughout the night.

However, if the baby is not sleeping well then you must start thinking about his day time activities and how these are affecting his sleeping pattern.

The baby’s biological clock is not yet set up and if you don’t set a routine for them they find it difficult to settle down at bedtime.

Thus you must follow a fixed bedtime pattern.

They automatically begin to understand when they are supposed to play and when to sleep and so on.

When they are small we help them by setting a routine and we follow the routine as far as possible.

Little cute baby sleeping at bedtime

For instance, in the mornings they can learn that it is bath, then feed, and then play.

At evening they can learn that a story, feed and then lullaby is bedtime routine.

Thus, if you follow this pattern for a while then the kids start remembering it.

You must also keep track of the times your baby has slept during the day.

The baby may not go to bed at night because he may not be tired enough.

You must play sufficiently with the baby to make them tired by the end of the day.

You must also help them discover new things and stimulate them during the day.

If you are not doing so, then you may have to change your own habits.

The baby will then sleep soundly at night.

It varies with the age of the baby, but in any case he must not take long naps during the day.

A baby who is of few months of age should at the most sleep for half an hour.

The new born must sleep for a longer period of time.

You should not allow the baby to sleep as much as he wants during the day if you do so you are sure to have problems at bedtime.

Happy baby sitting on bed playing with toys

It is good for the baby if you can take them somewhere during the day.

You may take the little one to your friend’s house, or to a park or even to the shopping mall.

The baby loves the change and is stimulated too.

It is something great for them when they see new things and the effort is tiring for them.

Thus, they sleep well at night.

With the passage of time their bed time fussiness will go away and you will not have to bother about it anymore.

That is the best part of it all.


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An Introduction to a Baby Car Seat

Becoming a parent for the first time involves a huge amount of learning, as there are hundreds of things involved which childless people will have had no reason to come across before, nor had any incentive to learn about.

When you first learn of the impending new arrival, your thoughts will probably be taken up with decorating and equipping a nursery, buying clothes, bottles, and much more, but many people don’t think of a baby car seat until later on in the pregnancy.

It’s very important to make sure you know what to look for in a child car seat, as after all, you will need one on your baby’s very first journey, from the hospital back to home.

This being an introduction and overview to car seats for babies and toddlers, individual laws are governing the use of car seats within each State, Worldwide.

Ensure you have the correct information because you may be within the legal parameters driving in one State but then become illegal in another.

Ensure if you purchase online, the safety certificate and car seat design can be used within your own country.

Buying a second-hand car seat could be a false economy and place your child in danger.

For the baby first journey, you will need a seat which faces towards the rear of your vehicle.

Mother driving a car, having her little baby girl in a child car seat

This provides the best protection in the event of an impact for an infant who is unable yet to support the weight of their own head.

The seat will be nicely reclined backwards, providing a safe and comfortable cocoon for your baby.

It’s important to choose a rear-facing seat which is sturdy and dependable, yet light to carry.

Young babies sleep a little and often, and the last thing you want to do after finally getting your child to sleep in a car journey is to wake them by removing them from their warm and comfortable seat.

Having an easily detachable model which is light to carry means you can ferry your baby from car to house with as little disturbance as possible.

These rear facing seats are only suitable for younger infants.

Once they’ve grown to weigh around 20 pounds, or the top of their head is nearing the upper edge of the seat and thus no longer protected properly, you will need to move to a forward facing seat but ensure you are complying with your state law because ignorance offers no defense and places your child in danger.

You may only become aware of this when you are involved in an accident, at which point, it could be too late to rectify your mistake

These seats are much more upright, but better models can be adjusted to provide a more horizontal position to help your toddler sleep during longer journeys.

Because of the upright position, it’s essential that your child is able to sit up on their own before using this kind of seat.

Forward facing seats are built to last for a fair few years, and most will be good until your child reaches the age of 4 or 6.

The UK law requires all children travelling in the front or rear seat of any car, van or goods vehicle must use the correct child car seat until they are either 135 cm in height or 12 years old (which ever they reach first). After this they must use an adult seat belt.

There are very few exceptions.

For the USA and Canada, please look under for individual state advice.

There are laws in each Australian state and territory that regulate which car seat you need for your child from birth to 16 years.

Up to six months: Your baby must be restrained in an approved rearward-facing child restraint like an infant capsule or a convertible car seat specially designed for newborn babies.

From six months to four years old: Your child must be in either a rearward-facing or forward-facing child restraint, such as a child safety seat.

From four years old to seven years old: Your child must be in either a forward-facing child restraint or a booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness.

From seven years old to 16 years old: Your child must use a booster seat or a seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened.

You can check with the road authority in your state or territory for more information.

It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly in accordance with the law.

Little baby girl in a car in a child car seat

Before we finish, there are two extremely important things to bear in mind when buying a car seat.

Firstly, you should be very careful when buying one that isn’t brand new.

Although it might seem like an economy to get a second hand seat, there’s no way of knowing for sure its history.

It may have been involved in an accident at some point in the past, resulting in weaknesses that may not be visible to the naked eye.

These weaknesses could endanger your baby even in a minor accident.

You should only buy a used seat when you can be absolutely sure of the history – such as when buying off close friends or family.

Finally, baby car seats shouldn’t be fitted in front seats where an airbag is fitted.

In an accident, the inflation of the airbag could cause serious injury or suffocation to a child, so always fit car seats in the rear of the vehicle in this case.


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Top 10 best child car seats By Anna Studman



Getting the right child car seat and fitting it properly is crucial for protecting your baby in a crash – if it’s not the right one, then your child could sustain far more severe injuries.

Our guide to buying child car seats tells you everything you need to know about how to choose the right one, including what are the important factors to consider and how to make sure it fits your car.

Make sure your child is protected at every stage of their life, from birth to around 12 years old, with our child car seat video buying guide..

There is a lot of evidence to show that staying rearward facing for longer is much safer and we do test extended rearward facing car seats, you can find the best and worst we’ve tested here:…


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Baby Highchairs

Baby highchairs are not necessary for your child if s/he is under six months of age.

Although some companies make them so they recline for infants, they are not necessary until your child is able to sit up.

Highchairs currently come with all kinds of features that are really more for the parent or caregiver than the child.

Although the nicely padded seat covers make the seats comfortable.

Some highchairs have wheels to make them easier to move however this is not necessary.

Some are now coming with height adjustable mechanisms to accommodate your child’s growth and to be able bring the baby closer to the table.

There are also adjustable foot rests to accommodate your child’s growth as well.
Most now fold for easy storage.

Highchairs now can be converted into play tables.

Some of them have an insert that fits over the tray to give you baby a place to play.

The feeding tray on many models come with an inset cup/bottle holder and some models have extra large feeding trays.

Cute little girl in the kitchen sitting in high chair eating watermelon

The base of the highchair should be broad and stable to help prevent the highchair from tipping.

If your child leans over the side the chair could tip and injure your child.

It is best then to teach your child to sit up all the time. Many highchairs are now fordable for easy storage.

When looking at highchairs some people express opinions about what the
highchair is made of. There are all wood chairs that tend to not be adjustable in height.

There are metal framed highchairs with plastic trays and their are highchairs that are plastic.

There are things you can do to make the highchair safe place to be.

Never leave your child unattended to go grab a bib, food, or answer the phone.

It only takes a second for your baby to have an accident.

You should have everything ready before putting your child in the chair.

Your child should always be strapped into the highchair without exception.

The feeding tray will not prevent your baby from slipping under it and falling to the floor and possibly incurring an injury.

If an older child slips under the tray they could get stuck and be injured.

If your high chair folds be sure that when you open it, that it locks in open position.

If the chair collapses your baby could be hurt.

This can be prevented with periodic checks of all parts of the chair.

Do not place the highchair near any place that the baby could push off from and possibly have an accident.

Also do not place your baby’s chair near any wires that can be pulled on.

All cords should be out of reach anyway.

When putting the feeding tray in place be sure to watch your child’s fingers.

They could be pinched or severely cut.

Also be sure the lock catches by tugging on the tray gently.

It will not hold your child in place but if it is loose or doesn’t catch, your child if not strapped in could fall and get hurt.

Wear or damage to the high chair can be hazardous.

If the vinyl cover over foam is torn the baby could ingest small pieces of foam.

Worn locking mechanisms could prevent the tray from staying in place.

All belts and clasps should be checked for fraying or tears.

The clasps for missing pieces or cracks.

Cracked or chipped trays could cause injury or harbor germs.

This type of check should be done before purchasing a second hand chair as well.


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Do we need a diaper bag

Let’s talk about a diaper bag, as the name suggests is quite obviously a bag that stores diapers.

However, most have enough space for a wide range of baby accessories and have proved to be a wonderful solution for busy parents.

A diaper bag stores diapers, toys, medicines, pacifiers, snacks and anything else you might need to keep baby comfortable and happy.

As a matter of fact, diaper bags are as important as a diaper — an equally indispensable part of a baby’s growing up years.

Over the years, diaper bags have evolved immensely and are now custom-made in a variety of styles and colors to compliment mom and baby on their day out.

Created primarily for convenience, some modern bags are a superb blend of logic and design, proving to be extremely functional as well as fashionable.

Traditionally, diaper bags were bulky carry-all’s, made out of plastic (meant to be leak-proof) with one huge pocket and several smaller ones.

They looked outdated and highly unattractive.

diaper bag

Now, you may come across bags made out of micro fiber with plenty of pockets.

There are others made of a combination of tweed and leather.

When buying a diaper bag, remember that the most essential convenience the bag should have is space for a variety of products beyond diapers.

Keep in mind that prices for diaper bags start low and can go high(particularly if you choose a designer bag).

Another thing to keep in mind would be the budget.

Parents should opt for bags that suit their lifestyle and those of their children the best.

Diaper bags, as we can see, diaper bags are extremely important for a baby.

They contribute to the baby’s mobility and also provide ready relief for parents who dread excess baggage while traveling with their babies.

Remember to use and store smaller diaper disposal bags, perfect for those moments when you’re at a friend’s place — or anywhere in public — and you don’t feel comfortable tossing a stinky diaper in their waste basket or can get to one immediately, or even when you’re at home, because not everyone splurges on those expensive diaper pails.

I could keep them in my diaper bag or on my changing table.

The Real Diaper Association estimates that babies will use about 6,000 diapers in their first two years of life.

Diaper bag: Woman packing her bag with child stuff.



Many children don’t train until well after their second birthday and many families have more than one child.

That’s thousands and thousands of diapers you may need to deal with in your lifetime.



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Baby’s Separation Anxiety

How do I feel about my child’s separation anxiety?

Honestly, it’s absolutely one of the most delightful feelings I really enjoy as a mom. I remember when my son was between 8-9 months old. Just like every mother, I couldn’t forget those moments.

Baby’s Separation Anxiety

At that time, he often asked for more attention from me rather than from anybody in the house.

No matter where he was or who was holding him, as soon as he saw me, he suddenly cried as if he was asking me to hold him.

When I came close to him, he abruptly opened his arms and looked so happy.

His cry stopped in a moment.

It was truly an unspoken feeling I had experienced.

But there was also time when he acted differently from what I had expected.

When I went for work, I thought he would cry hard to see me leaving him.

I hugged him tight and kissed his face again and again.

I told him, “Baby, Mommy have to go to work now.

Eat and drink a lot, okay?

And have a good nap.

I’ll be back.

Love you much.


Sometimes he kept looking at me when I said so.

I expected him to start weeping but it didn’t happen.

I wondered why.

I found out later that he was interested with the wheels of the car I traveled in everyday.

Whenever the car started to run, my son always kept his eyes on the wheels.

Looking at them spinning must have been very exciting to him.

I just smiled, though my heart broke a little.

I soothed myself by thinking that it was good for him being curious of strange things.

My son is a baby who has sleeping problem.

Throughout the night during his sleep, he often woke up several times.

If he woke up and didn’t find me nearby, he would cry out loud, making the whole house panic as if something really bad happen.

When I got into the bedroom, he would crawl toward me, and then I hugged him.

He’d be calm afterward.

Breastfeeding really worked to put him back to sleep.

Thank God I decided to breastfeed him so that I wouldn’t be engaged with the rush of preparing formula during the night.

Yes, I chose to breastfeed him in nighttime, even though he still got formula in day times.

Maybe this breastfeeding activity had created the bond between us.

I enjoyed it, and still until now.

This might also what made my son didn’t want to stay away from me.

If your baby or child has the same characteristic as my son has, I’m sure you have the same feeling as I do.

If you think that your baby’s cry (for being away from you) annoy you, just remember that it won’t last forever.

Separation anxiety is a phase in your child’s development during his early years of life.

Almost all children go through this experience.

What I can suggest you is just enjoy these intimate moments before they’re gone along with your child’s growth.

From what I’ve heard from my friends about this, you’re gonna miss the moments.

To me, even now, I really don’t want the phase fade away.

Wait, wait.

There’s one more thing I’d like to share with you, which you may not think will make your child comfortable.

I remember my friend told me that if you’re going somewhere, don’t forget to tell your child that you’ll be back.

Instead of sneaking out of the house, waving your hand and saying that you’ll be back will soothe him somehow.

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A Basic Guide to Baby Scales

Baby scales are used to measure breast milk and the weight of babies.

When baby arrives early or has medical problems, health care providers turn to baby scales for measuring breast milk intake.

The baby is weighed before and after breast feeding, and with a touch of a button, the baby scales calculates the baby’s intake.

For small babies, the baby scale can measure the difference of one-half teaspoon of breast milk.

Lack of weight gain in an infant should always be taken seriously.

Be sure to check that your baby is being weighed properly.

Weighing should always be done on the same scale because of the slight differences between scales.

It is best to use a baby scale to weigh an infant.

You also should weigh your baby once a week, because of the daily weight variation due to feedings, urination, bowel movements, etc.

If the weight remains accurate and you know that your baby is either gaining no weight or losing weight, baby should be seen and evaluated by a doctor immediately.

If baby’s weight increases but does not seem adequate, consider if your baby’s feeding is appropriate.

Mother using the baby scales in room

Are you offering food five or six times a day?

Are you feeding breast milk or infant formula to the baby?

If you’re using breast milk, does your baby seem full after a feeding is complete?

If you’re using formula, are you mixing it properly?

At 6 months old, infants need supplementary calories from solid foods.

Are you offering solid foods several times a day?

Is your baby keeping all the food down?

If everything appears normal, you still might want to get your baby examined, just to be sure that baby’s weight is okay.

All doctors will use special baby scales to monitor the baby’s weight.

If a baby has a “congenital heart defect”, it means the heart or blood vessels near the heart didn’t develop normally before birth.

Often the term “congenital heart disease” is used to mean the same thing.

Healthy babies usually double their birth weight between four and five months of age.

A baby with a congenital heart defect may grow more slowly during infancy and childhood, although the growth often varies according to the type and severity of the condition.

An eight-ounce to one-pound gain in a month may be an acceptable weight gain for a baby with a heart defect.

You will need to weigh your baby, and the pediatrician can do so for this or any other condition.

The baby is usually weighed every month on the baby scales, and the measurements will show how well your baby is growing.

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Things You should know when planning a baby shower party

Baby shower party have their origin in ancient time and like most modern things, the way and manner in which they are planned and celebrated have changed with time.

Here are somethings that you should bear in mind when planning a baby shower party today.

1. Know the culture of the would be parents.
Because baby showers are steeped in tradition and customs, it is important to have a good idea of what is culturally acceptable by the would be parents and what is not.

People do not necessarily throw away their culture because they live in modern times.

Knowing the cultural limitations, makes the celebration more memorable and worthwhile.

2. Know the needs of the parents to be
It is pointless giving gifts that recipients can not use.

Would be parents need things for the new baby and are probably stretched to their limits.

It would be only worth their while if the gifts they get help to alleviate this burden.

Where the gender of the baby is known in advance, give gifts that are gender appropriate.

3. Know the best time to schedule your shower
As the hostess, it behooves you to know when to schedule the baby shower party for maximum benefit and impact.

Do not schedule your shower too early or too late.

Expecting couples need all the financial help they can get.

Scheduling a shower too late may mean that the couple had already bought all the things they need for the baby.

4. Know the physical needs of the expecting mother
Pregnancy puts enormous physical challenges and demand on the expecting mother, especially if it is their first pregnancy.

It is a good idea to locate the shower closer to home to avoid putting additional strain on an already over challenged mother to be.

5. Know who is on your guest list
The success and failure of a baby-shower party to a certain extent depends on the attendance.

How responsive is your list.

Did you consult the couple when compiling your guest list.

Remember this is their baby shower not your.

You are only a vessel in the actualization of this event.

6. Know your refreshment plan
Preparing for and feeding even the smallest group of people can quickly turn into a nightmare if no adequate plans are made for that.

Set up a plan about what to serve and how to serve it and work your plan.

Make room for emergencies that may arise.

7. Know your plan for entertainment
What is your plan for entertainment?

Do you have games that your guests can play?

Board games and puzzles make for easy and entertaining party games that your guests can play.

You might want to organize some kind of poetry reading, depending on the mix of your guests.

You can have guests come with their own poems written for the occasion to share with others.

baby shower party

Best themes for Baby Shower Party

It is always an immense joy to have someone added to your family, especially if it is a cute little baby.

How else would you celebrate the joy of having one?

Plan the most fun and unique baby shower you’ll ever have.

Preparing for a baby shower should be fun and exciting.

You can be as creative as you want.

Go simple or go real extravagant.

As long as you will make your party special and unforgettable, you can go ahead and experiment on the different party themes you can have.

You can go traditional or get a little creative and make your baby shower party a lot more unique.

You can spice up the party with different themes that can either be serious, adorable or humorous.

Below are some popular themes ideas that would definitely be a hit in any baby showers.

Fairy tale Themes
There are thousand of fairy-tale characters that have been a tradition throughout baby shower parties.

Cinderella and Snow White are the most common ones for girl.

Peter Pan is the most suitable character for boys.

This kind of theme can be made interesting with colorful decorations and creates a fantasy- like atmosphere.

Baby bottles theme
You can have a baby bottle as your centerpiece in this particular theme.

Use them as cute containers for game prizes.

You can make fun of them too by using baby bottles as cups or mugs.

Teddy bear theme
Everyone loves these cuddly teddies.

They are perfect for decorations. You don’t have to buy teddy bears though to fill up the room.

Old but presentable ones will do.

It would be memorable to have the guest of honor’s favorite teddy as a centerpiece.

Diaper theme
Begin with sending cute diaper cut- out invitation.

Guests should bring their own diaper gifts with a particular size.

This way, you can save on diapers even up to three months!

Nursery rhyme theme
It’s a good idea to make nursery rhymes as theme for your party.

You can make use of famous character like Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, or the famous Mother Goose.

Pictures could be nice as decorations but it would really look nice if you have some kind of a replica.

You can also add on some of the line to your invitations.

Themes for twins
Remember the famous Noah’s ark story?

All animals are paired in two’s when lodging the ark.

It’s the perfect theme for expectant mothers of twins.

Don’t forget to note in your invitation that you will be having twins, this way; guests will have to bring two gifts of either the same kind or two different ones.

Color themes
The usual color themes for girls are pink and blue for the boys.

These are simple themes that can be just as fun as other themes.

Decorate your venue with your chosen color theme.

In putting up colored ribbons, intertwine them with a white ribbon too.

This would give the room an elegant look.

If you are unsure whether your baby would be a boy or a girl, settle for neutral colors like green or yellow.

Having a theme in your baby shower can add a little more coordination in the things you need to prepare.

A theme would dictate which kind of food you need to prepare, the look of the invitations and how you would decorate your chosen venue.

With a theme, you would have to be groping in the dark on how you would create that wonderful baby shower.


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Nine Gift Ideas For A Baby Shower Event

You are bound to know someone who is having a baby shortly, if you aren’t having one yourself and need help with a gift ideas for that baby shower.

Pregnant women equal shopping time.

Here are nine gift ideas that any mother will most certainly be appreciative of.

The baby shower gift ideas are great for those who are shopping or for mom’s to put on their gift registry.

1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers.

That is quite a bland gift idea but a very much needed gift.

I don’t know any mom who will complain about having too many diapers with a newborn at home.

To make diapers snazzy you have to dress it up a bit.

You can find diaper cakes in lots of gift sites.

Some come with as many as 150 diapers, plus booties, bibs and tons of other essentials for baby, but all in the shape of an all so cute cake.

2. Layettes, blankets, socks and burp cloths.

Chances are they are going to get tons of these.

However, these gifts tend to come in newborn or 3 months sizes which after a few weeks probably won’t serve its purpose anymore.

Making this a great gift is if you buy them in larger sizes. After a few months, mom still has brand new gifts for the baby to enjoy.

3. Pamper products for Mom.

The last few weeks of pregnancy are very uncomfortable and can be hard on Mom.

Let Mom have the star treatment as well. Once the baby is born, Mom’s 15 minutes of fame are over.

4. Savings Bonds.

A savings bond is a great way to help invest in the child’s future.

While everyone is thinking of now you are thinking ahead.

It may also help jump start parents to jump start on baby’s future if they haven’t already.

5. Gift Certificates.

You can never go wrong with a gift certificate.

Mom and Dad get to choose what they want and you gave them that satisfaction.

The obvious choice for a gift certificate would where the registry is set up.

If they do not have a registry set up, good choices could include their favorite supermarket (formula, diapers) or baby store.

Another gift certificate idea could be a check card gift certificate.

It works like a credit card and can be used anywhere.

Tip: I don’t suggest buying clothing unless the parents-to-be suggested so.

Chances are they have already gone shopping and couldn’t resist those tiny adorable outfits and it is best to find out before you spend out!.

Even if you are not attending the baby shower (for example if you are a male family member or friend) it is still a good idea to pick up at least a small gift for the baby.

The new mom may have made a list of some general things that the baby will need, and if she has a list like this, you can check it out.

However, frequently you will have to pick a gift without a list.

gift ideas

So here are some pretty ‘safe bets’ as far as baby shower gifts go.

I got a few more gift ideas when I was in a Target store looking for a gift idea.

I asked several parents who had babies with them in their shopping cart what sort of gifts would be good for a new baby and here are some of the answers that I got.

These baby gift ideas are very easy to find and very reasonable at a store like Target.

For $50 you can get a whole assortment of goodies but keep in mind the tip above on buying baby clothing.

6. Clothing:

All babies need clothing, and they grow very fast! If you have ever shopped for baby clothes you may be amazed to see that there are several different sizes of clothes needed for the baby just during the first year!

There is 0-1 month, 3 to 6 months, 6 to 9 months and on and on!

Therefore, there are plenty of types of clothing that will be needed in plenty of different sizes.

Just remember to keep in mind how old the baby currently is, because baby clothing sizes change rapidly, and you would not want to buy a gift that is already too small by the time you present it to the parents!

7. Teething toys:

All babies ‘teeth’ and will need little chew toys of sorts.

These may become dirty quickly and it is probably smart to replace them often, so a number of these teething toys may be useful.

You might find ones with rattles or bells. Just make sure it is not big enough for a baby to swallow.

8. Stuffed animals:

A cute stuffed animal may make a nice gift.

The softest kind available may be liked the most for snugly comfort.

Additionally, some of these stuffed animals may have sounds built in.

You may want one that makes sounds, or you may want an old fashioned one without noise.

A good example is Winnie-The-Pooh or Eyeore.

9. Baby books:

It is great to read to young children and really helps there little minds grow.

While a very young baby won’t be able to understand stories yet, parents are always looking to build a nice little library of quality books to read to their children.

There you have 9 simple baby shower gift ideas!

Hopefully you will be able to find a nice gift or even a shopping bag full of little gifts to bring the baby and the parents enjoyment.


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Baby Shower Is A Time for Celebration For Everyone

A Baby Shower Really Is A Time for Celebration

Celebrating the upcoming arrival with a baby shower is exciting but at the same time, it’s often a situation in which both parents can feel much anxiety.

These feelings of anxiety are especially strong for first-time parents.

There is so much to know and so many different items are needed to provide proper infant care.

The idea of the baby shower came about as both a special time for family and friends to be together before the baby’s arrival and also to help relieve the financial burden on parents-to-be by supplying them with many of the new gadgets, furnishings and accessories they’ll need once their baby arrives.

And even though today most people prefer to break out of the ‘traditional’ mold, when it comes to a baby shower, these events for the most part still adhere to traditional guidelines.

Probably one of the biggest changes to the baby shower format is that they’re no longer exclusively for women.

Plenty of men make it onto today’s baby shower guest list and those who are invited don’t come grudgingly.

While they might not play in all the baby shower games, men do enjoy the opportunity to give their regards to the expectant mother- and father-to-be.

In some cultures however, a baby shower is considered a sign of bad luck.

If there’s a chance the expectant mother might feel this way, be sure to check with her before proceeding with the baby shower.

In some parts of the world the baby shower is actually held after the baby is born.

This makes sense since a baby shower is a celebration of the baby and guests enjoy actually seeing the one who is being celebrated.

It’s also easier to select gender-appropriate colors and gifts and should the gift need engraving, guests have all the delivery details they need.

Having the baby shower after the baby’s birth does make sense, but it’s a very busy time for new parents.

Plus, many of the baby items the expectant parent(s) need are needed as soon as the baby arrives home.

That’s why scheduling the baby shower before the baby’s birth is the more common option.

baby shower flyer

The baby shower itself is traditional and for the most part, every shower involves the same activities.

Guest lists and invitations need to be created and mailed.

The shower location needs to be decorated.

Guests expect to be entertained so food, drink and games need to be coordinated.

Because it’s a special occasion, there might even be a photographer and/or video, musician and other special talent participating in the festivities.

A baby shower can be a big to-do with lots of little details to coordinate and every detail is going to cost money.

That’s why it’s highly advisable for whoever is hosting the shower to put together (and stick to) a workable budget.

Pulling off a successful special event like a baby shower doesn’t take special talent, it takes a well-thought out plan that includes a timeline and a budget.

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