Judgmental Parenting (5 Powerful Ways to Mom Shame Parody)

Judgmental Parenting (5 Powerful Ways to Mom Shame Parody)

Parenting is hard enough. The Parenting Junkie talks all about Judgmental parenting! Do you have Judgmental people in your life? How about judgmental friends? Do you know any judgmental moms that you’ve always admired and wanted to be like? Today the Parenting Junkie shows you how to be awesome Judgmental parents. Want to know the most effective way at Mom shaming? Have you ever been Mom shamed and thought, wow! I want to know how to mom shame too? In this parenting parody, you’re gonna learn how to be more judgmental. Is this one of your favorite parenting parody videos? It’s probably because you’ve always wanted to know how to judge parents better. Start Judging Parents today! Forget about inclusive, non-judgement guilt free parenting, because in today’s video we show you 5 ways to mom shame and judge other people. Non parents judging parents welcome. Why mom shame? To join judgmental relatives and judgmental in laws, that’s why! Learn the things you shouldn’t say to parents and start judgy parenting right now.

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