Positive Parenting Teenagers

Parenting Teenagers Girl or boy’s

Being a teenage girl is very hard but being their parent is even more difficult.

There are a lot of stress and complications that adolescent girls are faced with today that they would not have had to face in the recent past.

Today’s teenage girls are at very high risk for specific behaviors including self-mutilation, substance abuse, self-harming behaviors, eating disorder, anxiety, and depression.

So many teenagers  do not know how to cope with the issues that they are faced with successfully.

Also, they might feel ashamed or could be afraid of what you are going to think.

So it is essential that parents be able to learn how they are going to parent their teenage daughter even when they feel as though they are locked out, frustrated, or ineffective.

The teenage years are the final years of childhood and a time when your child is going to need you even more. You will need to be supportive, loving, guiding, and understanding during these very trying years with your daughter.

6 Tips to Help You With Parenting Teenage Girls

These six tips can help you when you are trying to be a good parent to a teenage girl.

Understand the Signs of Depression

It is essential that you understand the main signs of depression if you have a teenage daughter.

Parenting Teenagers: Girls

You will want to get immediate help if you see that your daughter is suffering from any of these.

  • The following are the signs of depression:
    sadness that lasts for longer than 14 days
    frequent crying
    being hopeless,
    loss of interest
    always being bored
    isolating herself
    low self-esteem
    increase in irritability
    relationship issues
    frequent headaches
    frequent stomach aches
    self-destructive behavior
    thoughts of suicide

Importance of Sun Screen

While it might not sound like that big of a deal, it is essential that you teach your teenage daughter about the importance of sunscreen. Many moms forget to talk to their daughters about this because they grew up hanging out in the sun without sunscreen of their own, so they do not realize what a big deal this is. In fact, today’s teen is more likely to get skin cancer than you are. Statistics has proved that if a teenage girl does not wear sunscreen now and is exposed to the sun frequently, then they are probably going to have skin cancer at some point during their life. The sun and our environment are different then they were when you were a teenager.

Healthy Eating

It is essential your teenage daughter understand the importance of healthy eating. Not only will eating healthy help them manage their weight, but it will also help them to reduce their risk of depression and have improved moods. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients is essential for your daughter to feel her best.

The Importance of Exercise

Most people do not realize how important getting enough exercise is. Not only does exercise help you maintain a physically healthy body but it also helps you to be more mentally healthy.

Teaching your daughter to be physically active from a young age is essential for a lifetime of good health.

Menstrual Issues

It is also essential that you listen to your daughter if she has a lot of complaints about menstruation.

Talk to her about what the issues are and get her medical attention if there are any fears or concerns.

Discussions of Body Art

Many experts agree that a teenage girl might be considering a move to the wild side when she starts talking about body piercings or tattoos.

Teenage girls who do these tend to be more involved in other activities that are not appropriate for their age and are more likely to battle with addiction and substance abuse issues.

Using these simple tips will help you to have a healthier relationship with your daughter for years to come.

Parenting Teenage Boys

Parenting teenage boys can be especially tricky for some reasons.

One of these is that they are naturally going through changes in their body that make them harder to talk to and prevent them from being able to express themselves from time to time appropriately.

Tips for Parenting Success with Teenage Boys

Parenting Teenagers: Boys

Learn to Respect Your Son

It is crucial that you learn to respect that your son is becoming an adult.

He is going to need to make some decisions for himself.

Offer Your Help

Know that you should offer your son help whenever he needs it.

Make sure that he knows that you are always there for him.

When you see that he needs help ask him what he wants you to do rather than sitting down and trying to help in your way.

Manage Your Own Emotions

Watching your child grow up before your eyes are desperate for some parents to handle.

Make sure that you keep your own emotions in check and that you are steady in your efforts to avoid pushing your fears or issues on your son.

Love Him

Loving a teenage son can be tough. Tell him that you love him and share with him that you are proud of him. Do not forget to be open about these feelings.

Live What You Say

When you are talking to your son about something, it is essential that you make these lifestyle choices for yourself.

He is not going to respect you if you are telling him to do what you say and not to do what you do.

Admit Your Faults

You should also make sure that you admit your faults and that you tell them when you are wrong.

Admit to the mistakes that you make and take responsibility for their actions.

Learn to Relax

Relaxing and remaining calm, cool, and collected when you are enraged by a decision that your child has made might feel impossible.

However, if you learn how to do this, you will be able to parent your teenage son better.

Learn to Speak Less

You want to use the fewest number of words when speaking to your son.

Research shows that the more that you talk, the quicker that your son is going to tune you out.

Get Him to Talk

Learn how to ask the questions that are going to get your child talking and sharing things with you.

Look at His Mood

If you notice that your son is moody or seems irritable, then it might not be the right time to talk about something.

Try to talk about difficult issues with your son when he is in a good mood.

Quit Trying to Get the Last Word In

As parents, it can be hard to allow your child to have the last word when you are in the middle of an argument or when you are trying to punish him. Instead of having to have the last word in, learn to walk away.

Refrain From Talking Too Much

When you are talking to your child, it is essential that you stop yourself from repeating things that you have said before. Do not worry; your son has heard you even if he is acting like he did not.

Ask for Permission

If you want to give your teenage son, some advice considers asking him for permission first. While you are not required to do this, it will help your son to look at you differently.

Offer Emotional Support

It is not only vital that you be there for your child physically. It is also essential that you offer him the support of his emotions.

These tips can help you to parent your teenage boys successfully.

Parenting Teenage Sons

One of the most challenging roles for parents to fill is that of parenting a teenage son.

The teenage years are the most crucial for your son.

These are the years that are going to help him be raised into a moral and outstanding citizen or will turn him into someone who is constantly struggling with trying to do what is right.

Many teenage boys who choose poor behavior during these years end up making poor choices throughout adulthood.

While too much responsibility can be the breaking point for a girl during her teenage years, having more responsibility can actually help a teenage boy become a more responsible adult.

This is a crucial stage where parents have to make appropriate decisions in their parenting.

As a parent you must learn how to be accepting and loving of your son.

You must also make sure that your son knows that you are willing to support him.

Challenges for Mothers

Mothers of teenage boys find that communication becomes challenging.

Their once talkative pre-teen son will suddenly become quiet and quit talking to them.

Moms tend to want to talk to their sons but during the challenging teenage years they must learn that less is more.

So moms have to learn how to say as much as possible with the smallest number of words.

Challenges for Fathers

Fathers are going to be their teenage son’s main role model.

This is a tremendous amount of pressure for them.

Your teenage son should be introduced to adulthood through certain rights of passage by his dad.

This is actually something that has been around for centuries and has not been popular recent years.

Studies show that bringing back this trend will help teenage boys become more successful adult men.

Keeping Teen Boys Active

When teenage boys are dealing with excess testosterone it is important that they have an outlet for activity.

Being involved in sports can help them get their aggression out in a positive way.

It is important that teenage boys have a physical outlet for the aggression that are going to be experiencing.

Get Over Your Own Sensitivity

When you are a parent to a teenage son you have to be able to get over any emotional sensitivity that you carry.

Teenage boys are going to be mean and your son is probably going to say something terrible to you at some point.

Learn how to stand tall and not to let this challenge your decisions or expectations of your son.

Know What is Going On

It is a great idea for you to know your son’s friends.  You should also have an awareness of what is going on in his life.

Know the things that he enjoys and be prepared to talk to him about the things that are tough like sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Have Fun

Make sure that everything is not always serious with your teenage son.

Knowing when to have a good time with him and the different things that you two can enjoy together is essential for you to be a successful parent.

Learn to Laugh

It is important that you frequently laugh with your son.

Experience laughter as a form of medicine and let your son know when you think that he is being funny.

Be Empathetic

Learn to look at things from your son’s point of view.

Try to understand where he is coming from.

Know When to Fight

Sometimes it is a good idea to walk away from a situation.

Teenage sons are known for trying to argue with their parents.

When something is not a big deal, let it go and walk away instead of fighting with them.

Have Expectations

You must continue to have expectations for your teenage son.

He should have certain responsibilities and should have consequences if he is not following through with these.

Parenting teen boys is tough but is not impossible and these things can help you to have success.


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In today’s positive parenting segment, we talk about how to parenting teenagers.

We’re joined by tom Lenihan.

Describe why it is so hard to get along with teenagers.

To say that teenagers at a time of transition and change are an understatement.

There are lots of different kind of changes going on for teenagers as they make their way toward adulthood including physical, psychological, social changes.

It’s a time of real transition and often turmoil for many adolescents.

How does a parent develop a better relationship with their teen?
The first thing to understand is that it is a time of transition and teenagers, like all children, need encouragement and understanding and need to know their parents are there for them.

Starting conversations, not putting too much pressure on them to talk, and finding connections even with everyday teenagers were they can connect.

You have texting, smartphones, facebook, twitter, so many things that disconnect us from each other, and connection is so important, especially with a teenager.

How do you intervene or create a space between technology and the person?
A lot of folks don’t see it this way, but one way to really look at it is that this is youth culture, and youth culture has always been hanging out, but now youth culture takes place online, and a lot of us did not grow up with online culture, so we have a lot to learn as parents.

One approach takes the time to have a conversation about what is going on on the internet.

Take me there.

Sit down with your teenager, say take me there, shall we what is going on.

Is there a standard mistake parent make with social media and their kids?
I think it may be either to take it too much for granted and know that it is there all the time, and you can set limits on phone and tablet use and computer use.

Guidance and discipline — what are the best ways to accomplish those things?

Teenagers need roots.

They need to know their parents are there and the limits are still there, but they also need wings to start to explore their own identity and sense of right and wrong.

the significant rule of thumb is to help them experience the consequence.

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