Parenting Style: Authoritarian Parenting

Influence of Authoritative Parenting Style

The authoritative parenting style is thought to be one of the best choices for many families.

Parenting is tough, and it is hard to know which parenting style is going to be best for a family.

The way that you behave with your child is going to determine how your child is going to behave.

The authoritative parenting style is thought to be the choice that is most rewarding for both parents and children.

Parents who are authoritative are demanding but responsive at the same time.

This helps the child to have a good grasp on balance.

How the Authoritative Parenting Style Affects the Family

The influence of authoritative parenting can offer some positive things for the family.

The Ability to Solve Problems Reasonably
Children who are raised by authoritative parents are taught how to do things independently from a young age.

The child is still expected to follow the rules and has restrictions, but they can experience problem-solving on their own.

The child is well monitored, but they are supposed to work through problems without the parents giving them the answer.

The parents are going to make the final decisions, but they allow children to weigh in with their own opinions.

The best advantage for the children of learning to think for themselves means that peer pressure less tempts them.

Children are Happier
The authoritative parents are going to be involved with the child’s development in all areas.

This approach puts the children in the center of everything.

The parents work to create amazing memories, spend as much time as possible with the children, and put their children first.

The rewards for this type of behavior is that they have very happy children.

Children Understand How to Behave
Since parents talk to their children, the children grow up learning how to communicate effectively.

This leads to them having better social skills and communication.

These children have more tolerance of others, a more profound respect for adults, and can reduce feelings of frustration, anger, and stress.

This emotional balance will happen at a much younger age when a child has authoritative parents, and that means that they behave better when eating in restaurants, going out to places, and in school/classroom settings.

Children Develop Emotionally
Children who have authoritative parents are talked to more and feel like they are heard and understood.

Children are treated with respect and allowed to share their thoughts and feelings.

Parents talk through things with their children which leads to their children having better communication skills.

They also work through their child’s feelings when they are talking to them.

This teaches their child how to handle different situations better emotionally and helps their child understand how they can work through their feelings.

Authoritarian Parenting

Since emotions are looked at by the parents, the child is going to have better development.

Authoritative parenting is a very active parenting method that has outstanding results.

The primary keys to remember when practicing this type of parenting is to be empathetic and put yourself in your child’s shoes.

Ask your child for help in determining certain things but remember not to give up all of your authority to the child.

The child should still be expected to follow the rules and meet expectations.

By giving your child an opinion and nurturing that you will offer them the ability to grow and learn in new ways.


Parenting Style Authoritarian Parenting

I’m Dr. Ari Brown, and I’m going to explain what it means to be an authoritarian parent.

In the 1960s, psychologist Diana Baumrind studied preschoolers and their families, and identified different parenting styles characterized by parents’ expectations and responsiveness to their children.

Authoritarian parents placed high demands on their children, and believe that parents should have the power in the household.

Authoritarian parents tend to use negative forms of discipline.

They will take away privileges for poor behavior or resort to physical forms of punishment like spanking.

Authoritarian parents often have one-way communications.

They are not terribly responsive to a child’s feelings or opinions.

If a child questions the parent’s rules or approach, a parent might respond, “Because I said so.”

Authoritarian parents have firm rules ad expect those rules to be this way tend to rebel later in life.

As a pediatrician, I can tell you that I do not encourage this type of parenting style, nor do I recommend spanking.

You are your child’s role model, and you want to teach her to use her words, not her hands or her fists when she is frustrated.

It is much more effective to teach your child about the logical or natural consequence for inappropriate behavior than to spank her.

While it is certainly reasonable to expect your child to behave properly, you also wanna give your child a solid foundation that fosters her independence..

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