15 pieces of unconventional parenting advice from Arrested Development’s unforgettable mom


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with it the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to the incredible moms who nurtured us, raised us, and shaped us. 

(Really, you should say thank you to your mother every day, but especially on Mother’s Day.)

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But the beautiful (and scary) part of parenting is that there is no guide book — everyone does it a little bit differently.

Fortunately, though, anyone seeking a bit of motherhood advice need look no further than Lucille Bluth, matriarch of Arrested Development’s Bluth family.

With her quick wit, searing side-eye, and take-no-prisoners attitude, Lucille Bluth showcased a new model for motherhood. Sure her kids might not have appreciated her approach as much as the rest of us, but Lucille and her unforgettable one-liners convey a trove of unforgettable parenting wisdom. Read more…

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