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Ultrasound Shows Couple Is Expecting A Chevy?

Reena Roberts and her husband, Mike, went in for an ultrasound. Even the Missouri couple’s sonogram tech didn’t quite understand what the father-to-be was seeing. Mike knew that his eyes were not fooling him:Shewas not pregnant with a baby, but she was clearly expecting a… car! Thecouplecouldn’t help but have a long laugh about it. While many parents believe they see angels or blessings in their ultrasounds, this family seems to have the premonition of a new car!

Mike shared the photo on Reddit, and the image quickly went viral as commenters tried to determine which car it was. Some suggested it was a Nissan 370Z, while less-impressed posters joked that it was merely a PT Cruiser.

We know its a boy car,” Reenatold CNN. Mike likes to think of the car in the oven as a new Bugatti, one of the most expensive cars in the world. One thing is for sure, whether the kid joins NASCAR or not, I am sure he’ll get quite the chuckle out of knowing he was famous before he was even born!

Mom has a pretty good nickname for her unborn son as well, calling him the “all-new Ford Fetus. It definitely has a ring to it, don’t you think? Have you ever encountered any bizarre ultrasound photos? Let us know in the comments.


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After 15 Years Of Menopause, Mom Gives Birth!

When Allison Noyce was just 20 years old, she stopped getting her period regularly. Then, doctors gave her a devastating diagnosis she had experienced early menopause. Noyce was told that she would never have children. About 15 years later, shewent for a bike ride. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She had been feeling this pain for quite some time now, but after the ride, she knew something was wrong. Noycefelt like there was a lump in her tummy. She just knew it was cancer.

Noycesaw a doctor who believed the lump was a large cyst, but after a scan, the news was even more shocking. Doctors told she and her husband, Richard, that shewas eight months pregnant. Because Noycecouldn’t have children, the couplenever used contraceptives.

“We were overcome with emotion when the woman doing an ultrasound said I was eight months pregnant. Relief that it wasnt cancer and sheer joy that we were having a baby,” NoycetoldDailyMail.

A mere 12 days later, Noycegave birth to Sophie, a healthy baby girl. The couple appeared on the talk show This Morning where little Sophie became a bit fussy. The parents did not care one bit. Clearly, they don’t take it for granted at all that they have the privilege of being parents, even when their baby girl throws a fit on TV!

Image Credit: Facebook / Featured World


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