Facts about Parenting

The Rewards of a Responsible Parenting

Setting Parameters

Parenting is a process by which parents establish a certain kind of relationship with their children. It encompasses all the responsibilities concerned from childbearing to child raising.

The responsibilities of a parent never end as long as their child lives.

In the American society, parenting has become a very important issue.

The kind of upbringing American parents give to their children is mainly focused on independence.

During teenage years, youngsters already learn how to live by themselves.

At the age of eighteen, they already acquire their parents’ blessing of moving out of their homes.

At this age, they start to provide for themselves by working.

They buy their own food, they rent their own house, and they even sustain their own education.

Despite this situation, it does not mean that parents already resign from being parents to their children.

parentsTheir responsibility as parents will be a lifetime duty.

The family is a very essential aspect of society. It is a major factor by which people build individual personalities and characters.

As one saying goes --Parenting runs in the family! --

It is also the main indicator whether a person would be a good parent or not.

However, studies have shown that majority of the American youth today have been struggling from different kinds of addictions, while some develop a bad attitude, some may have become very shy, timid and insecure.

Why is this?

The reason would be improper parenting.

Most of the time, children are left in day cares because parents don’t have the time to look for them because of work. By this, parents miss having a personal touch in training and educating their own child.

This scenario has touched the hearts and minds of some of the modern parents today.

The schools, government, and especially some religious institutions have been the major factor why parents were enlightened. They have formulated several parenting programs that suit each and every American family.

In reality, parenting is an intrinsic ability of each and every human being in the world.

Every individual has his own way of nurturing and training his child to the best person he can be.

The only question is –how can one create a child with good character?

How to Create a Child of Good Character?

Why do children become rude and disobedient? Several studies have proven that disrespectful parents raise disrespectful kids. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be tagged as a disrespectful parent.

All you have to do is to discipline your child and make him realize bad things from good ones. Set your parameters and be consistent! But sometimes, kids still become naughty despite all the values taught to them.

If this is the case, you may want to follow some of these parenting tips:

Setting parameters is not that easy especially when it comes to entertainment.

Psychologists advise that babies are not supposed to be exposed to television until the age of two. This is to prevent the child from being exposed to harmful elements such as crimes, pornography etc.

Besides, any type of entertainment when introduced at an early age would probably cause you difficulty in getting his attention. Train your child by yourself because if you do, you’ll reap the lifelong benefits of being a parent.

Learn how to communicate in a nice way. Being a parent would be the most difficult task in a person’s life especially when it comes to communication. Discuss with your kid about what’s right and wrong. Share your experiences with him.

Action speaks louder than words.

  1. Communication does not always imply words, but even more, you need to show affection.
  2. Prevent yourself from nagging your child.
  3. Talk things out as peacefully as possible and as seriously as possible with a backrub to show him that he is loved in spite of his mistakes.

Set your own rules and relay them to your child with authority but with gentleness.

Be firm in everything you say.

If you restrict your child from watching TV until 7pm, be firm enough to shut it off. Joining him from not viewing TV will even strengthen your bonding moments.

child playApply the reward system.

If you see that your child is excelling in school, treat him in some way that you know he will enjoy.

Make him feel that his deeds are appreciated.

This way, your child will strive harder.


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