Child Bonding

Parent-Child Bonding Experience

What are the Essentials in Parent-Child Bonding?

How can a parent establish a harmonious relationship with her child?

bonding with childGenerally speaking, love is the answer! Showing genuine love and affection will definitely bond your ties together!

Bonding experiences starts from the time when a mother conceives a baby in her womb. Since the baby is a product of genuine love of the parents, the tendency of the mother as well as the father, is to take care of their little one until he/she comes out.

As a mother, parent-child bonding in this case would be as simple as --feeding your baby, by means of feeding yourself with healthy foods and giving yourself with the right vitamins needed for the baby’s development.

Studies have proven that those children, who feel loved since birth, are the ones who possess exceptional kindness.

Those children are also known to have extraordinary skills, talents and intelligence.

In general, the kind of parental upbringing determines the skills and interests of a child. A child learns how to play chess, when his parent trains him how to play chess.

Obviously, one cannot do it, if he does not even know how to play it.

Bonding moments are very essential in child rearing.

This keeps mother and child or father and child connection alive.

father and son bondingIt helps maintain an open communication in your family as well.

Whether you’re a single parent or not, find the best bonding experience and share it with your child. It can either be any hobby or any kind of endeavor. Just make sure that it would be enjoyable for both you and your kid!

How to Pick the Right Hobby

As a parent, you should know your kid’s likes and dislikes. You should be the one who knows his interests, skills and talents.

However, you will not be able to recognize his interests if you do not discover it yourself.

What are the activities is your child fond of doing? Be watchful, vigilant, and sensitive. When you get the chance to discover his interests, try to get hold of it and slowly incorporate it in your learning so that when you already know how to do it, you can enjoy doing it together.

For example, if your child likes basketball and you don’t, you can learn how to play it. As you enjoy playing with your son, you’ll notice that your social relationship with him will grow stronger.

If your child is still in the stage of discovery, like a toddler, don’t restrict him of learning how to do the things you commonly do.

If he sees you wiping the car, and he’s pretty curious of doing the same, allow him to join you, even if wiping takes such a long time to finish. Just make sure that your child won’t be too tired such as letting him do all the wiping.

What are Your Hobbies?

father and sonCOOKING is a healthy hobby that can be shared with anyone. This is a good activity to share with your little girl. Get a copy of easy recipes and cook together. It will not only teach your child how to prepare some special food, but it will also be a memorable moment for her to cherish.

BASKETBALL is a very enjoyable sport for active people especially kids. If you are a father, you may grab that ball and shoot your way to the ring with your little boy.

WATCHING A MOVIE together is an excellent choice. However, you just have to be careful of the kind of movie you are going to watch. Make sure that it has no porno scenes and be aware of the dialogues of each character. When you watch a movie with your kid, better choose those wholesome ones.

FISHING is an outdoor activity that requires patience and skill. Sharing this hobby with your child will teach him patience as you enjoy the bountiful catch of yummy fishes in the pond!

Aside from these pleasurable activities, there are some other hobbies to share with your child.

These are: swimming, badminton, camping, hunting and going to the spa.

Whatever it is, always remember that you are doing it for the welfare of your beloved child.

Be an adventurer!

Try new things together as a family. If it will cost you to hike or wall climb and you don’t know how -- learn how to discover it and enjoy it together.


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