Body Language In Asperger’s Syndrome

The Struggle over Body Language for the Patient with Asperger’s Syndrome

It is a well known fact body language is the bane of existence for many patients suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. Although they might work hard with family members and caregivers to work around the need for body language and also the correct interpretation of body language, it is still an area where many fall short. If you are a caregiver and find that you simply do not understand the far reaching consequences of the problem that an incorrect interpretation of body language brings with it, consider the facts associated with this form of communication.

* Body language involves hand gestures, overall carrying of one’s person, but also facial expressions. Even eye contact is governed by body language! Not having the tools needed to properly read or convey the right kind of body language and response makes regular conversing challenging.
* Body language becomes a point of contention for those who cannot really understand it. This leads to insecurity in social situations. Ultimately, it may cause a patient with Asperger’s Syndrome to isolate from social setting, simply because of the fear that they may be shown inept.
* There is a very real chance that a patient with Asperger’s Syndrome will display the wrong form of body language at the wrong time. This might lead to laughing at the wrong time, using an inappropriate gesture, and not combining a statement with the proper form of eye contact. This makes interactions sometimes awkward and even downright embarrassing.
* The failure to show proper body language has led to some Asperger’s Syndrome patients to be considered cold and lacking in empathy. Although to a certain degree that is one symptom of the condition, it is not necessarily the condition that causes this perceived lack of empathy.

As you can see, the problem with body language has led to numerous difficulties for the average individual and although skills differ greatly between individuals, there are a good number of them who see this as perhaps the single greatest challenge in their lives. They are forever trying to affect a new, better way of communicating but fail in doing so simply because they do not understand the non verbal clues offered by those with whom they are conversing. In the same way, those with whom they are interacting also do not understand the fact that they are speaking to someone not able to respond adequately to their clues.

High school kids in particular are trying desperately to fit in, and reading body language is a crucial aspect.  When it is lacking, some have reverted to an attitude made famous by Clint Eastwood. Portraying the cool and acting the part of the non emotional hero, they try to affect an exterior that is actually considered desirable because of the lack of emotion. This of course does not work in the long run and before long the individual with Asperger’s Syndrome is painfully aware that the condition makes fitting in a hard idea indeed. Parents and caregivers are urged to help the youngster with their body language.


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