Find out the tips Eric used to help turn this High school student’s life around, and how they can help you to attract greatness… Get your Copy of Eric’s Audiobook by following the links…

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  1. osah712 says:

    When the Educational System has failed you… When the Government and
    Politicians have failed you… When your parents are not talking issues
    with you…. Dont forget, you have ET.

  2. PositivelyNice says:

    Be faithful over few. That meant so much to me. I have always been that,
    and I doubt myself every so often because I get outcast because of that.
    You are right, it is easier be average, but I wouldn’t. I am allergic to
    average. Some say this is elitist, but deep down, all wish their loved ones
    to NOT be average.

  3. etthehiphoppreacher says:

    TGIM NEW EPISODE!!! Greatness and Average attract themselves….What’s
    coming your way?

  4. Corrisa Malone says:

    LOL. Man, I love this Brother. It’s just what I needed, right now. I have
    an inspirational book via Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com. I self published
    it In Oct. of 2013. Today was an emotional down day for me because it
    doesn’t feel like I’m being heard by the world. Thanks to You (E.T.) I see
    things clearly. I’m sitting, waiting for approval. I AM GREAT. I AM
    SUCCESS. I AM WHOLE; if people acknowledge it or not. Thank you….
    Somebody contact me, please. I need people around me like brother E.T. It’s
    not going to be easy, but It will be less weight to carry If we walk the
    walk Together! – Dwight L Fields Author of 30 Days of Illuminate The Truths
    Revealed (Vol. 1)

  5. B.O.A.T says:

    I’m Inspired

  6. Evan Carmichael says:

    Love it ET – keep pushing!

  7. Shon J says:

    Operate in greatness

  8. Shawn Newton says:

    Be faithful over few and he will make your ruler over many… Love it!
    #ericthomas #et #motivation #life

  9. chikkleyello.bee- ray raqxee says:


  10. IMxBLESSED Madden 15 | EA Sports UFC | More! says:

    Challenge Accepted E.T.!

  11. The Love Power Goddess says:

    I’m about to bust outta my skin! This guy really does stoke you!!

  12. ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※ says:

    So very many of you need the financial means with which to fulfill your
    dreams… I’m here to help…

  13. ▂▃▅▆ JEDI MARKETER TV ▆▅▃▂ says:

    Aspire To Inspire

  14. Matthew Drake says:


  15. Comfortzonestudio.com says:

    Let them that have ear’s Hear. Peace

  16. Francesca Ebeli says:

    ET is the bomb, if he can’t get up and on the road to success, baby you go
    back to school. He blows my mind!
    I’m down, I’m pumping, I’m grinding, cause I AM ALLERGIC TO AVERAGE!!
    #inspiration #ericthomas #ericthomasmotivation 

  17. NoName says:

    White Liberals want you to be average 

  18. goldmineadvantage says:

    “Clean yo room!” Lol you crazy ET

  19. Lorna Joy Shashinda says:

    You just kicked my 55-year-old butt. And I thank you! You are targeting
    EXACTLY the problem. I’m jumping up and down and saying YES YES YES. And
    I’m getting into the lab. That’s it. Now.

  20. Timmy Foster says:

    Man I love ET

  21. Don EL says:

    Be different!

  22. edwardo dejesus says:

    Yeeeeessssssssss a new TGiM!

  23. SPARKWISDOM says:

    It’s working for me! This year has been one of the BEST years of my life! 2
    books published, 20+ info products published and business better than ever.
    Family BETTER than ever. Relationships solid. I was blessed to interview
    you and I told you I wanted to succeed as bad as I wanted to breathe and I
    stepped up and worked even harder. I am allergic to AVERAGE and I have a
    group that I coach that are allergic to it too! I’m WORKING! The clothing
    and hats look awesome Mr. ET!

  24. The Badger says:

    TGIM NEW EPISODE!!! Greatness and Average attract themselves….What’s
    coming your way?

  25. Dario Philippe says:

    Last year I was on the edge. This is the man who helped me get out of a
    depressive rut, rewired my thought process, pushed me towards a deeper
    relationship with God, challenged me to establish Dario Inspires as a
    business, got me out of an AVERAGE lifestyle, taught me how to be a better
    Husband/Father, and changed my life. After speaking to Mr. Thomas, thing
    have NEVER been the same. This dude kept it real with me and didn’t listen
    to my excuses. Im forever indebted to you…Thanks for your help Mr.Thomas

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