Prenatal Awareness – Baby Psychology and Parenting Psychology Interconnect

Our understanding of baby psychology and parent psychology is superficial. Much accepted knowledge is based upon erroneous theories and ideas. Baby psychology and parent psychology are interconnected and affect one another. To properly understand a baby, it is important to understand common negative family dynamics, and serious disorders and dysfunctional behavior patterns that are present in the lives of most people. These factors influence exchanges, agreements, and reactions that occur subconsciously between baby and parents.

Before birth and during infancy (until a child acquires social language skills) baby and parent communications take place naturally and primarily as subconscious communications. When parents are extremely selfish and negative, it creates a distressing and painful mental and emotional experience for a vulnerable and sensitive unborn baby or infant.

From the moment of conception, every human embryo is an extraordinary, amazing, marvelous living entity. Unborn babies are aware of their physical existence and aware that they are alive. In some primitive way, at the outset, they begin making choices, responding, and reacting to their psychological-energetic environments.

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